Four Kinds of Tents - Infinite Possibilities

Tent weddings are a beautiful and versatile way to bring your guests together for a one-of-a-kind feel. Every facet is fully customizable and the options are endless. From clear tops, to stunning draped linings there are possibilities to fit any budget with any aesthetic taste. At Taylor Rental of Manchester, we have been tenting for four generations. We know how to look at a space and work with you to maximize impact, guest experience, and suit your dreams.

The four options we like best are traditional pole tents, sailcloth tents, frame tents and clear tents. While all of these options can be placed on grass, not all of them can be placed on a patio or hard surface. Each option is considered a blank slate for decor. With each style, we posted different pictures from around the web that show their versatility.

Pole Tents

Image Courtesy of Guelph Tent Rentals

This picture is a great example of a blank slate pole tent. Traditional pole tents are completely light-blocking and provide excellent cover for hot summer days. These tents are beautiful and their curved surfaces make up lighting look like it was painted with water color. The aluminum poles can be covered with fabric. Here are a few different versions of pole tents and different decor. When measuring for a pole tent, it is critical to allow room for ropes and stakes all the way around the tent in order to hold it up.

Image Courtesy Main Event

This is a small version of a pole tent. Globe lights around the edge create a warm atmosphere. Add a dimmer to your lighting option to control the mood. White Garden chairs and linens create a crisp clean look for this intimate reception with minimalist flair.

Image Courtesy AZ Rent WV

Here is another large pole tent. This time it is covered with a tent liner. Tent liners can be added to all tents, but make the most sense in pole tents and frame tents. This option creates a regal elegance in the middle of nature. The poles have been covered in fabric to camouflage them without breaking the beautiful look of the draping fabric of the liner. Chiavari chairs in gold add a rich feeling to the all white monochromatic look.

Original Image Source Unknown

This picture shows a pole tent without a liner but with gobo lighting. Gobos have cut out filters to create shapes on the ceiling of the tent. Colors can be placed over the bulbs to get the water color look this tent has. Lighting with gobos and colored filters should only be done by a professional as these lighting fixtures can reach very high temperatures and can pull a lot of electricity. The lanterns with small bulbs throughout the tent bring a pop of color to the bright white of the tent. Notice these are the same chairs as the previous picture, but the black cushion provides a completely different feel from the white cushions in the previous picture.

Sailcloth Tents

Image Courtesy of Taylor Rental of Manchester

Sailcloth tents are my favorite type of tents. They are beautiful and classic. These tents are unique because the allow a little bit of natural light through the top. The sun light dances on the top looking lovely as day turns The seems across the top are beautiful and the poles themselves are made to look like stained wood, so they do not require covering. This tent happens to be completely floored, which is an option in all tents that is priced by square foot. Each plank is leveled and placed by hand for safety. Sides on this tent are clear as not obstruct views. It is a common sight see sailcloth tents nestled into iconic properties such as Ocean House in Westerly, RI in the quiet beach side community of Watch Hill. Sailcloth tents evoke glamorous images of glittering Gatsby parties and elegant Victorian-Era garden events. The warm mahogany look of the poles is mirrored in many of our other products such as fruit wood folding chairs, fruit wood chiavari chairs, our farm tables, wine barrel bar, and wine barrel cocktail tables. All of these items together create a polished look.

Image Courtesy of Blue Peak Tent

This is a beautiful Sailcloth tent on the water. Gobos were used to light this tent and create the patterns on the tent covering.

Image Courtesy of Taylor Rental of Manchester

This tent is two of the Sailcloth ends placed together in order to create a round tent. It is a really unique way to celebrate an occasion.

This is a photo of a sailcloth tent during the day. The light filters through and adds to the atmosphere as day gives way to evening. Having lights such as these chandeliers on a dimmer allow you to compensate for the change as the evening goes on. The daylight also highlights the beauty of the seam work leading up to the poles.

Frame Tents

Image Courtesy of Taylor Rental of Manchester

Frame tents are some of the most versatile tents available. As self-supporting structures, frame tents are able to be placed almost anywhere. These tents will stand on grass and pavement. A wide open space with no obstacles, makes this tent the perfect option for a portable venue. While the frame is visible, there are many ways to decorate this tent for an enchanting event.

Image Origination Unknown

Here is a frame tent filled with a mix of rectangular and round tables. Silver chiavari chairs with white cushions are beautiful against the navy pin tuck linens with soft woven burlap runners. Pops of color in the flowers create an airy and festive mood in this frame tent. Every guest has a sight line to the band, dance floor and head table where the Bride and Groom will be seated.

Image Courtesy of Sequoia Productions

This is a really large frame tent that has been decorated to the hilt by a professional lighting and audiovisual team. The tables are covered in sequined gold glimmer cloths. Screens flank a stage that has been built for presentations. The most stunning aspect of this tent is the projection mapping done by this creative team. This is the same tent ceiling shown in the previous two photographs, but is completely camouflaged by this projection story. Throughout the evening the story can change with the click of a button to show videos or pictures of the crowd.

Image Courtesy of DJ A-Rok

While projection mapping may be out of your reach, this look may not. Gobos create a static lighting option that make this tent look enchanting. The lighting adds to the monochromatic look with spots on the floral arrangements, to brighten the room. The linens, napkins, and chair covers in soft beige envelope the guest in warmth.

Image Courtesy of Taylor Rental of Manchester

This frame tent is attached to the back of someone's home. Taylor Rental of Manchester built a platform to put the floor of the tent even with the back of the house on an even plane. Custom flooring was created to match the transition into the house and build one open space. A liner covers the tent structure while globe lights dot the ceiling both elements grace to this white color scheme.

Clear Frame Tent

Image Courtesy of Blue Peak

Clear tents are the perfect way to take in the surrounds. If you are in a picturesque setting, don't miss out on seeing the view. If your song is Moondance by Van Morrison, have a moon dance under the cover of a clear frame tent. Dance under the stars. Catch the northern lights. Let mother nature show her beauty and capture every moment.

Image Courtesy of Kurstin Roe Photography

This clear tent with market lighting showcase the cathedral created by the canopy of trees surrounding the event space. Navy blue linens play off of the rich tapestry of green woven around the tent. No draping, no decor needed in this stunning tent. Wooden chairs and wooden chargers bring the feel of nature under the tent for a seamless transition of outdoors in. Century flatware and Veritas glasses finish this fine look of an elevated rustic event.

Image Courtesy of A Grand Event

Lanterns and draping play against each other with softness and clean neat lines. This tent is placed in the middle of a cityscape with the lanterns mirroring the lines of the buildings. White linens, florals and gold chiavari chairs complete this clean look as the last bits of twilight flicker on the horizon.

Image Courtesy of Big Sky Event

This tent mixes the delights of a clear tent with the ends of a traditional frame tent. Get people out onto the dance floor by opening up the ceiling under the places you want people to gather. Creating zones gently guides your guest through the story of the evening and makes them feel relaxed facilitates participation and allows everyone to be all together while having mini moments throughout out your event. This is especially helpful with large event crowd control.

All of our tents can be viewed here.

Whatever your event, Taylor Rental of Manchester has the expertise to realize your vision. With over 50 years in the business we are able to do what we do best and leverage our many industry partnerships to pull together perfection.

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